Capital Market Trends
Companies are prolonging their Initial Public Offering and staying private exponentially longer than in previous economic cycles. This shift has resulted in substantial maturity in business models, revenue growth, and valuations preceding an IPO.
Bridging the Gap
For high net worth individuals and institutions, Sakal Ventures has created a precisely tailored suite of alternative investment vehicles. These vehicles are designed to capture returns in a company's life cycle that were previously available in the public market.
Two Factored Approach
Sakal Ventures employs its network of professionals and deal making abilities in the secondary market by providing liquidity to various sellers including: early investors, traditional VC’s, and founding employees. Sakal's research team utilizes rigorous analysis to select investments.
Understanding the Late Stage Space

In prior decades, private companies did not have access to the capital they do today. This resulted in the IPO’s of iconic companies at a fraction of their current valuation. Investors had the ability to participate and profit with the company’s immense growth through the public equity markets. This paradigm has shifted. Companies now go public sometimes decades after launching with valuations north of $10 Billion. 

The secondary marketplace ecosystem has completely transformed. With the proliferation of technology combined with ultra low interest rates, many companies with proven business models have opted to delay an IPO for as long as possible. Examples include: Draftkings, Beyond Meat, Spotify, Snowflake, Coinbase, Lemonade, and Uber. That shift has left an increasing amount of investors on the side line due to their inability to access investments in these companies.

Sakal Ventures patient and precise approach in this new environment allows us to produce robust returns typically not easily accessible to individual investors. Our structure allows investors to participate in investments in single companies rather than a portfolio of many companies. 

The future of investing
Get access to pivotal Technology Investments and venture capital equities

Sakal Ventures is a venture capital firm that is comprised of a diverse group of investment professionals that have over 75 years of experience managing investments. Our mission is to identify alternative investments that
are more nuanced than traditional publicly traded equities and bonds. This method improves portfolio diversification to meet long-term investment goals.

Sakal Ventures’ team is comprised of former wealth management advisors, equity hedge fund portfolio managers, and technology advisors. This allows Sakal Ventures to be at the apex of exponential growth industries such as, software
as a service, financial technology disruptors, artificial intelligence, alternative food products and cyber security.

With strong relationships from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, Sakal Ventures ability to identify and secure investments is why our clients continue to put their trust in us.

Press about Us

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75+ years

Sakal Ventures believes it has the unique ability to look at an outwardly difficult situation and see value for the future. The firm seeks to perform rigorous analysis of both the industry and the individual company before
making an investment. Industries in transition, whether through secular or cyclical forces, often represent opportunities. The firm follows well-developed investment themes and continually reevaluates its macro views and

Sakal is Hebrew and means “to be prudent, be circumspect, wisely understand, and prosper”. These four words couldn’t describe better Sakal’s investment vision. The Investment Team is careful and performs extensive due diligence
and financial modelling before reaching a decision. At the same time, Sakal doesn’t shy away from difficult situations with attractive risk/reward profiles, which allows the Fund and therefore its’ partners to prosper.

The Investment Team combined has more than 75 years in investing experience across all sectors.

  • Kris Bort
    Venture Founding Partner
    20+ years investment experience

    Kris Bort has more than two decades of experience raising capital and managing equity portfolios. At Sakal Ventures, Kris’s primary focus is investment selection and buy-side transactions for the fund.

    Prior to launching Sakal Ventures, Kris was the Founder and President of Sakal Capital Management, a long/ short equity hedge fund. Under his leadership, Sakal Capital Management developed a strategy of intra disciplinary portfolio construction. This strategy was comprised of: deep value, special situations, and hyper-growth technology companies.

    Before establishing Sakal Capital Management, Kris was the Founder and President of Light Capital Group. At Light Capital group, Kris managed portfolios for ultra high net worth individuals and institutions. As the President of Light Capital Group, Kris led a team that raised and managed more than $150 million in capital.

    Prior to launching Sakal Ventures, Sakal Capital Management, and Light Capital Group, Kris was a Senior Vice President at SkyeBanc, Regal, and First Midwest Securities.

    Kris’s deep understanding of capital markets and previous leadership roles allows him to leverage an extensive network of relationships with hedge funds, broker- dealers, private investors, venture capital funds, and technology companies across the globe.

  • Anthony DeBenedictis
    Head of Capital Development
    25+ years investment experience

    Anthony DeBenedictis is Sakal Ventures’ Head of Capital Development, responsible for leading the firm’s external capital activities and managing Sakal Ventures capital development.

    Prior Sakal Ventures, Anthony spent six years at various high profile software companies. Anthony led revenue growth initiatives and managed several cross border expansions.

    Before Anthony’s software career, he was a Senior Vice President at City Credit Capital, a world leader in foreign exchange derivatives trading. At City Credit Capital, Anthony managed currency derivative exposure and positioning for ultra high net worth individuals and institutions. 

    Prior to Anthony’s tenure at City Credit Capital, he held Senior Vice President roles at a number of securities firms such as Gruntal & Co. and JW Genesis Securities, where he raised and managed capital.  

  • Ajay Arora
    Venture Partner-Advisor
    20+ years investment experience

    Ajay Arora serves as Sakal Ventures head of research. Ajay’s primary focus is to develop, research, and direct the execution of investment strategies.

    Prior to Sakal Ventures, Ajay was a Technology Advisor to Sakal Capital Management.

    Before Sakal Capital Management, Ajay founded Silver Motion and eRSVP, and was a strategic advisor to a diverse stack of technology, fin-tech, marketing, e-commerce, and gaming companies.

    Ajay has been a private investor for over twenty years. He has identified and consulted investors in many strong growth companies in their early stages such as: MongoDB, Sea Limited, Twillio, Tesla, and Lemonade.

    Ajay earned a Bachelor of Science from NYU Stern School of Business in Information Systems & Accounting.

  • Georg Ebner
    Generalist Analyst
    8+ years investment experience

    Equity Analyst at KAI Capital Management, long/short hedge fund.

    Equity Analyst at InvestIndustrial, leading European Private Equity firm.

    Internship at Credit Suisse HOLT, specialized equity research team.

    Master of Finance graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Bachelors in Business Administration from Northeastern.

    University & University of the Sacred Heart.

Our process

Sakal Ventures was established to provide an avenue to invest in late-stage private companies. Our focus revolves around identifying companies with: wide economic moats, immense competitive advantages, highly disruptive technologies,
proven revenue generation, and valuations above ($ 500mm – 5 bill).

Sakal Ventures focus on mature companies offers out performance of other investment classes, but they frequently have a shorter time to liquidity with less risk. Typically, we make investments in companies that will have a
liquidity event in 1-3 years.

Investor Letter
Investor Letter

Investor Letter

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