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We back technological revolutionaries who are in search of solutions for a better tomorrow, via late-stage private investments.

Interested in learning more about how Sakal Ventures can guide your journey through late-stage investments?

Sakal Ventures

As a venture capital fund, we work to source sought after late stage technology companies, and make them available to our investors. We provide our investors with access to exclusive opportunities.

Modernization of the public markets

With the current economic landscape, companies are staying private much longer than previous cycles. These companies tend to be mature in their business models and revenue growth, resulting in gains not found in the public markets.

Bridging The Gap

For accredited individuals and institutions, Sakal Ventures has created a precisely-tailored suite of alternative investment vehicles, which are designed to capture returns in a company's lifae cycle previously available only in the public market.

Community Focused

Sakal Ventures employs its network of professionals to assist in building a community that can provide founders and other shareholders with access to smart capital.

Rigorous Research

Our experienced team conducts rigorous research on all facets of a company, from financial and the scalability of technology, to various ancillary criteria, to guarantee a sound investment.

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High-tech. Peak
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Sakal Ventures has put its focus on several key industries with massive scalability and investment potential to bring diversified investment opportunities to investors.

Sakal Ventures is more than just an investment vehicle. It is leading a new era of investing by building a networked community of tech entrepreneurs, investors and other industry partners.

Artificial Intelligence

Investing in machine learning designed to automate tasks, gather information and enhance efficiency for the entire world.

Cyber Security

As technology continues to advance, so do privacy and security concerns. We contribute to advancing cybersecurity through strategic investments.


We utilize data-driven technology alongside our Wall Street expertise to locate optimization points within financial industries, for true innovation and scalability.


Fueling the growth of disruptive enterprise and consumer technology companies across various sectors, including software, e-commerce, media & more.

Data Management
Data Management

We invest in the world’s best information aggregators, innovators and disruptors.

Investing in companies that change the way we live, work and do business.

Sakal Ventures is proud to have engineered lucrative investments from the most recognized brands in the world, to startups with enormous potential.

Kris Bortnovsky (Bort)


Kris Bortnovsky is an investment industry leader and Sakal Ventures’ founding partner with 20+ years of capital markets experience. He’s highly regarded for his investment selection resulting in profitable IPO exits for the firm. Under his leadership, Sakal Ventures achieved 40M AUM in under three years, and his extensive network with global hedge funds, broker-dealers, and venture capital funds make him a trusted leader in the investment community.







Kris Bortnovsky (Bort)



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Kris Bortnovsky (Bort) Achieve 40M AUM Milestone by Delivering Innovative Private Tech Investments
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Kris Bortnovsky (Bort) Achieve 40M AUM Milestone by Delivering Innovative Private Tech Investments
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Kris Bortnovsky (Bort) Achieve 40M AUM Milestone by Delivering Innovative Private Tech Investments
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What if more people could access late-stage private tech investments?

Sakal Ventures provides alternative institutional capital investing to accredited retail investors, diversifies your portfolio, decreases market correlation, reduces volatility and looks for higher risk-adjusted returns. We conduct comprehensive analyses of companies within their respective industries, including those undergoing transitional phases, to uncover new possibilities. Our investment tactics are continuously refined through the re-evaluation of macro strategies and viewpoints.

At Sakal Ventures, our prudent investment vision shapes our approach to pursuing high-risk, high-reward opportunities that benefit our clients and partners. We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that our investments align with this vision.

Sakal (saw-kal’) is a Hebrew verb meaning “to be prudent, circumspect, to wisely understand and prosper.” This singular definition embodies the entire philosophy of our team as it pertains to the world of tech investing. We analyze each industry and calculate all factors before committing to an investment, in order to prosper and grow our understanding as a collective whole.

Our Stratergy


In the past, many investments were considered out of reach to all but select institutional investors. Sakal Ventures allows accredited investors to access these opportunities, and grow their portfolio.


Sakal Ventures focuses on investing in companies valued over $500M, with a year-over-year growth rate greater than 20%. We align with the world's most influential institutional funds in order to focus on late-stage investments capable of delivering returns between 5x to 10x on average.


Investors who work with Sakal Ventures gain access to an asset class that grew by $10 trillion in 2022, with projections as high as $18 trillion by 2026. By reaching beyond public markets, individuals can differentiate their investments and grow their earnings accordingly.


In the world of technology, knowledge is power. Our community stays atop the knowledge curve in order to assist our portfolio entrepreneurs, investors and partners, so they can make decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

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