Sakal Ventures

Sakal Ventures has put its focus on several key industries with massive scalability and investment potential to bring diversified investment opportunities to investors.

We are more than just an investment vehicle. Sakal Ventures is leading a new era of investing by building a networked community of tech entrepreneurs, investors and other industry partners.

Why Sakal Ventures

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Modernization of the public markets

With the current economic landscape, companies are staying private much longer than previous cycles. These companies tend to be mature in their business models and revenue growth, resulting in gains not found in the public markets.

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Bridging The Gap

For accredited individuals and institutions, Sakal Ventures has created a precisely-tailored suite of alternative investment vehicles, which are designed to capture returns in a company's life cycle previously available only in the public market.

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Community Focused

Sakal Ventures employs its network of professionals to assist in building a community that can provide founders and other shareholders with access to smart capital.

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Rigorous Research

Our experienced team conducts rigorous research on all facets of a company, from financial and the scalability of technology, to various ancillary criteria, to guarantee a sound investment.


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Our Story


Sakal Ventures emerges amidst a worldwide crisis, aiming to capitalize on opportunities.

2021 Q1

Sakal Ventures achieves an astonishing $25M AUM in Q1 and Q2, signaling an imminent and immediate rise in growth.

2021 Q4

Sakal Ventures reaches $40M between Q3 and Q4, a sign of significant growth in just one year.


Sakal Ventures achieves a profitable exit in the face of unprecedented market volatility by leveraging effective risk management and strategic decision-making.

Meet Our Team

Kris Bortnovsky (Bort)


Kris Bortnovsky, Founder of Sakal Ventures, applies over 20 years of capital markets expertise to lead investment selection and buy-side transactions. He established Sakal Capital Management and Light Capital Group, managing portfolios for high-net-worth clients. Holding senior positions at SkyeBanc, Regal, and First Midwest Securities, he has fostered a diverse global network spanning capital markets and technology sectors, enabling connections with hedge funds and venture capital firms worldwide.

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Ajay Arora serves as Sakal Ventures head of research. Ajay’s primary focus is to develop, research, and direct the execution of investment strategies.


Prior to Sakal Ventures, Ajay was a Technology Advisor to Sakal Capital Management.

Before Sakal Capital Management, Ajay founded Silver Motion and eRSVP, and was a strategic advisor to a diverse stack of technology, fin-tech, marketing, e-commerce, and gaming companies.


Ajay has been a private investor for over twenty years. He has identified and consulted investors in many strong growth companies in their early stages such as: MongoDB, Sea Limited, Twillio, Tesla, and Lemonade.


Ajay earned a Bachelor of Science from NYU Stern School of Business in Information Systems & Accounting.

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Equity Analyst at KAI Capital Management, long/short hedge fund.


Equity Analyst at InvestIndustrial, leading European Private Equity firm.


Internship at Credit Suisse HOLT, specialized equity research team.


Master of Finance graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Bachelors in Business Administration from Northeastern.

University & University of the Sacred Heart.

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Taylor Barling is a Managing Partner at Sakal Ventures. He assists in managing client development, operations, secondary transactions, and the firm’s investment process.


Prior to Sakal Ventures, Taylor was an Associate at Sakal Capital Management. Taylor executed trades in conjunction with the firm’s portfolio manager and research team. Additionally, he managed the firm’s relationship with multiple prime brokers.


Before joining Sakal Capital Management, Taylor Barling was a stockbroker at Light Capital Group, managing portfolios for individuals.

Meet Our Team

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What if more people could access late-stage private tech investments?

Sakal Ventures provides alternative institutional capital investing to accredited retail investors, diversifies your portfolio, decreases market correlation, reduces volatility and looks for higher risk-adjusted returns. We conduct comprehensive analyses of companies within their respective industries, including those undergoing transitional phases, to uncover new possibilities. Our investment tactics are continuously refined through the re-evaluation of macro strategies and viewpoints.

At Sakal Ventures, our prudent investment vision shapes our approach to pursuing high-risk, high-reward opportunities that benefit our clients and partners. We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that our investments align with this vision.

Sakal (saw-kal’) is a Hebrew verb meaning “to be prudent, circumspect, to wisely understand and prosper.” This singular definition embodies the entire philosophy of our team as it pertains to the world of tech investing. We analyze each industry and calculate all factors before committing to an investment, in order to prosper and grow our understanding as a collective whole.

Frequently asked questions

You will need to be an accredited investor, which is an individual or business entity allowed to trade securities, yet may not be registered with financial authorities. In order to qualify, you must satisfy at least one requirement involving net worth, asset size, level of experience, governmental status, or income.

Sakal Ventures invests in early-stage companies with promising potential for growth and provides them with financial backing and support. The investment process involves thorough due diligence, and once invested, Sakal Ventures works closely with the investor to help them reach their goals.

Sakal Ventures scrutinizes each investment opportunity, which means the variables inevitably change. Every deal is unique, which is why we invite you to contact our team for more assistance on a particular investment.