Sakal Ventures was established to provide an avenue to invest in late-stage private companies. Our focus is situated on identifying key companies with wide economic moats, immense competitive advantages, highly disruptive technologies, proven revenue generation, and valuations of $500M to $5B. We place emphasis on mature companies that offer performance of other investment classes, yet frequently have a shorter time to liquidity, with less risk.

What makes our process different


Financial modeling services offer comprehensive analyses across various projections, incorporating distinct strategies and insights from industry experts to support your investment thesis.


A series of highly competitive advantages (i.e. high barriers to entry, high switching costs for consumers/businesses) that ensure revenue durability, making it more difficult to wear down the company's market share.


Identifying companies with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, that are able to push the limits of innovation and seek to transform quality of life for people around the globe. These companies challenge traditional business archetypes while seeking to achieve goals that may be considered unimportant by more rigid competitors.


A series of proprietary screens are run on a weekly basis to scout for interesting opportunities based on valuations, industry trends, and shifts in the macro environment. Screens are employed to find companies that are capturing exponential growth, employing revolutionary technology or processes, and redefining their respective businesses.


The ability to reap historically outstanding returns on invested capital, led by competent and highly resourceful management teams with a proven track record for success.


We focus on consistent observation of the market by looking specifically at each industry, and the growth and scalability potential of each company. We regularly perform consultations with our closest entrepreneurs, industry experts and peers, in order to generate new ideas that lead to greater opportunities. We remain at the forefront of industry trends so that we are always aware of what is happening in the markets, which allows us to remain at the very top of our game.