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Nestle CEO says mainstream is ‘dialing down’ meat, dairy consumption.

October 11, 2021 BOOK CONSULTATION

In a recent interview, Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider shared the food company’s plant-based strategy. He also says that Nestle’s ambition is to have a plant-based protein to “replace every animal protein out there”.

Just recently, it introduced plant-based alternatives for eggs in a push to beat rivals in expanding further in protein substitutes. The vegan versions of egg and shrimp can be used in cooking and meals just like the original products. The egg substitute, which is in liquid form, contains soy protein and omega-3 fatty acids, while the faux-shrimp is made of seaweed, peas and a plant called konjac found in Asia.

Nestle, the maker of Nespresso coffee and DiGiorno pizza, has been doubling down on its efforts to expand its plant-based offering.

“We are onto something that’s a major trend over time, rather than a quarter-or year-long fad,” Schneider says.

Earlier this year, Nestle moved into cow milk alternatives with its Wunda brand, a challenger to Oatly AB and Danone’s Alpro. Nestle is also testing the waters for new technologies, like for cultured meat with Israeli cell-based startup Future Meat Technologies Ltd.

The world’s largest food company tops $1.1 billion a year in sales of vegetarian and vegan products. The group is betting that consumers will continue to switch away from meat and dairy for health reasons and in hopes to lower carbon dioxide emissions.

The plant-based revolution is here, and it can’t be stopped or reversed. The world needs it. If we want a future, it HAS to be plant-based. Scientists warn that we will reach “a point of no return” if we don’t do something about the catastrophic effects on our environment and ecosystems immediately.

The single most impactful choice that we can all make is to stop consuming animal products.

A global shift to a plant-based diet could reduce mortality and greenhouse gases caused by food production by 10% and 70%, respectively, by 2050.  A single person can reduce their emissions by up to 73% by removing animal products from their diet. Eating just ONE plant-based meal per day, in lieu of animal products, for a year would save roughly the same amount of emissions equivalent to driving a car 3,000 miles – essentially from New York to LA. Without the Meat and Dairy industries, 75% of global farmland – an area equivalent to the size of the US, China, The European Union and Australia combined – could be used for habitation, reforestation, and more than enough plant agriculture to feed the entire global population with more free land left over.

Prominent investors have already realized that the plant-based food industry would grow exponentially. Just recently, the big question was whether the plant-based meat market would take off. Now the global market is projected to reach $450 billion by 2040. Plant-based alternatives are no longer a niche market for vegans and the privileged few.

“The exciting thing is that plant-based meat can be very similar in taste to real beef

thanks to the wonder that is synthetic biology, one of today’s lucrative hypergrowth

Industries,” says Kris Bort, founding partner of Sakal Ventures, a fund that focuses on investing in private companies.

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