A strategy you
can count on


Holding Issues

Typical holding periods are 1-3 years, or upon liquidity event (i.e. IPO).

Strategic Investing

We embrace long-term investment principles in tech disruptors, and companies engaged in long-term secular trend shifts.


Precision Focus

We focus heavily on secular growth themes within the tech industry, and several of its most profitable and scalable industries such as Ai, Data and Fintech.

Visualizing growth

Our model allows us to identify and predict company growth trajectories that are often miscalculated and misunderstood.


Company Size

We put our focus primarily on investments within companies valued over $500M.


We target investments within companies operating at $50M revenue per year, and growing more than 20% year over year.


Accurate Valuations

Our valuations reflect current market dynamics of retail investors from the private market.

Navigating Uncertainty

We leverage an extensive network of relationships across the globe to precisely forecast secondary market conditions.

Late Stage
Private Investing

Distinct Investment Selection

We isolate companies at the intersection of proven revenue generation, while anticipating extraordinary future growth.

Reduced Seed Risk

Our strategy helps mitigate and reduce the risk of “seed capital” investing.

Late Stage
Private Investing

Global Network

Our relationships with technology companies , hedge funds, broker-dealers, private investors and venture capital funds allows Sakal to view the world through a privileged lens.

Strong ROI

We analyze and identify companies that can amass potential returns of 500% to 1000%, before investing.


Seek to capitalize on the dislocation between the current market price and the intrinsic value of a security with a valuation focus on the revenue growth and long-term earnings power of a company. Employ rigorous fundamental research and in-depth research on business and unit economics and industry dynamics to identify best-in-class companies for outsized returns.