Long-term Investments
  • Holding Period: 1 - 3 Years
  • Strategy: Long-term investments in tech disruptors, and companies benefitting from long term secular trend shifts.
  • Identify industries that are overdue for meaningful digital transformation
  • Develop a unique understanding of the growth trajectory of a business, that is miscalculated in the market place.
Event-Driven Strategy
  • Company Size: Sakal generally invests in companies over $500M
  • Revenue: Revenue above $50M, growing greater than 20% year over year
  • Strategy: Investments into companies that are mispriced by the market due to company specific and/or macro events that are misunderstood by market participants
Late Stage
  • Isolating companies at the intersection of proven revenue generation and extraordinary future growth
  • Mitigates risk of “seed capital” investing.
  • Alignment with the largest, most influential institutions and funds in the world
  • Providing an avenue for investors to capture returns on their investment in excess of 1000%
Investment Paradigm

Seek to capitalize on the dislocation between current market price and the intrinsic value of a security with a valuation focus on the revenue growth and long-term earnings power of a company.

Employ rigorous fundamental research and in-depth research on business and unit economics and industry dynamics to identify best-in-class companies for outsized returns.

Wide Economic Moat
Wide Economic Moat
Consists of persisting competitive advantages (like high barriers to entry and high switching costs for consumers or businesses).
Strong Cash Flow Generation
Strong Cash Flow Generation
Historically outstanding returns on capital invested and are lead by great management with a proven track record and shareholder friendly
Visionary Thinking
Visionary Thinking
Identify companies that aim to transform the way people live. These companies challenge common archetype’s and look to achieve goals not considered by current competitor
Monitor 75+ companies in terms of pricing to find an optimal point of entry when either the price gets distorted by reasons which have no impact on the fundamentals, or when a company matures enough to warrant an investment. All the while, staying vigilant across multiple disciplines and geographies to consistently be ahead of the trend.
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