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President & Founder: Sakal Capital Management, Light Capital Group (Wealth management).

Skye Banc Regal Securities.

First Midwest Securities.

Prominent investors come to Kris Bort for recommendations, because his wealth of knowledge, vast experience and clear vision earned him a stellar reputation of a trustworthy financial advisor who can see into the future. His wise guidance is the best insurance against stress and failure.

From an early age, Kris Bort knew that the financial world was his
to conquer. And he has been thriving in this industry from the time
he passed the necessary licensing requirements to be a FINRA registered broker.

Bort spent almost two decades on Wall Street as a top producer. During that time, he learned all the ins and outs of the financial world, built invaluable connections and made millions for his clients. He mastered the game. But eventually he decided to play a different one. He realized that there was a better way to do things. Major funds and Silicon Valley insiders should not be the only ones allowed to build wealth by allocating capital towards companies that shape the future of America and the world. This has been a closed club of the privileged few for too long. It is time to level the field, let other players in, and change the rules of the game.

Kris Bort moved to Miami, started Sakal Ventures, and is now using his brilliant Wall Street to help individual investors gain access to the big opportunities they would be locked out of otherwise. He gathered a team of like-minded professionals with degrees from the most prestigious schools like NYU and MIT, as well as many years of experience in various fields – hedge fund managers, financial analysts, equity traders, technology advisors, wealth managers, and entrepreneurs. This exceptional team focuses on late-stage private companies and guides partners towards the best unicorns.

On Wall Street, individual investors are often derided as “dumb money,” destined to lose against the highly compensated analysts and traders who buy and sell stocks for a living.

Bort’s Sakal Ventures is a different kind of fund. Its mission is to unlock the doors of the private market for individual investors and help them enjoy its incredible rewards.

Here are the four pillars of Kris Bort’s philosophy:

  • Everybody deserves an opportunity
  • Companies that make life better are the future
  • Thrive with integrity
  • Be patient and have a longer-term investing philosophy

This approach allowed him to climb to the top and start a successful fund that is changing the financial market’s landscape for individual investors.





Head of Capital Development

25+ years investment experience

Senior Vice President at City Credit Capital

Senior Vice President at J.W. Genesis

Senior Vice President at Gruntal and Company

As Head of Capital Development at Sakal Ventures, Anthony DeBenedictis brings a unique set of skills, expertise and over 25 years of investment experience to the table.

Anthony started his Wall Street career at Gruntal & Co., the third largest investment banking firm in the world, and was mentored by three largest producing Vice Presidents – Nichols, Safina, and Lerner. He has been thriving in the financial industry since. Prior to joining Sakal Ventures, DeBenedictis was an Introducing Broker and Senior Vice President of City Credit Capital (CCC), a world leader in retail derivatives trading. At CCC, he was raising capital and consistently managing millions of dollars, while building long-term relationships. Dealing with high-net-worth clients and institutional accounts is his area of expertise – before CCC, Anthony was Vice President of J.W. Genesis where he was asked to head the retail division.

Anthony DeBenedicts says of his move to Miami-based Sakal Ventures, “The fund’s mission was something I could really get on board with. I see a huge potential and bright future in Sakal’s focus on the private market investing. Identifying alternative investments that are more nuanced than traditional publicly traded equities and bonds is not simply profitable – it’s exciting. This method improves portfolio diversification to meet long-term investment goals. We research companies at the apex of exponential growth industries, such as software as a service, financial technology disruptors, artificial intelligence, alternative food and cyber security. I was happy to become part of this unique team where industry experts work in conjunction with investment specialists, developing brilliant strategies and providing an avenue to invest in late-stage private companies.”


Venture Partner-Advisor

20+ years investment experience

Tech entrepreneur launching and advising startups in e-commerce and fin-tech.

Bachelor of Science from NYU Stern School of Business in Information Systems & Accounting.

Experience in trading equities and options, area of expertise in technology and growth stocks.

With his sixth sense about companies destined for incredible growth, as well as 20+ years of startup experience, Ajay Arora has been instrumental in Sakal’s path to success.

After getting a degree from the prestigious NYU Stern School of Business, he launched eRSVP.com, pioneering the online event management software industry with a product that survived even the “dot-com” bubble pop. Arora is also the founder of Silver Motion that develops intriguing and illuminating mobile games and apps.

A tech entrepreneur himself with experience in launching a diverse stack of technology, marketing, and new media startups, Ajay also evaluates and recommends companies to invest in.

As Venture Partner-Advisor at Sakal, Ajay Arora utilizes his wide range of expertise (fintech, e-commerce, gaming and more) to identify strong companies in their early stages and guide investors towards the best opportunities. His impressive portfolio boasts the likes of MongoDB, Sea Limited, Twillio, Tesla, and Lemonade.

Arora is an avid follower of both public and private markets. He says that Sakal’s focus on the private sector, which is more nuanced and requires a certain skillset, is a great strategy, and he is happy to be part of the forward-thinking team.


Generalist Analyst

8+ years investment experience

Equity Analyst at KAI Capital Management, long/short hedge fund.

Equity Analyst at InvestIndustrial, leading European Private Equity firm.

Internship at Credit Suisse HOLT, specialized equity research team.

Master of Finance graduate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Bachelors in Business Administration from Northeastern.

University & University of the Sacred Heart.

Taylor Barling

Generalist Analyst

8+ years investment experience

Taylor Barling is a junior partner at Sakal Ventures. He assists in managing the day-to-day operations, stock sourcing, and investment process.

In his previous position as an associate with Sakal Capital Management, Taylor executed trades and also performed a technical and fundamental analysis that helped the fund to organically generate valuable investment ideas.

Before joining Sakal, Taylor Barling was a stockbroker at Light Capital Group, managing portfolios for individuals.

Taylor has been a great addition to the team – his insight and organizational skills keep our operations running smoothly.

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