The 5 Best Private Tech Industries To Invest In 2023

Private tech continues to astonish investors worldwide with its impressive growth, revolutionary new developments, and limitless potential. Forward-thinking companies that make up the private tech world are involved in groundbreaking new products and services that will revolutionize humanity throughout the 21st century, and beyond. As such, they continue to draw attention from some of the world’s most renowned companies, as well as individual investors.

Sakal Ventures has set our focus on the private tech sphere, and we continue to identify those companies that are capable of massive scalability and developmental paradigm shifts. If your intention is to invest in 2023, private tech is one of the most opportune of them all. The following are five of the best private tech industries to invest your money in 2023.



AI has been all over the news lately, and for good reason. This rapidly-expanding technology continues to fascinate people all over the world, and is already being successfully integrated within business. As such, workplace productivity has shot up considerably thanks to the way AI compliments human workers, allowing companies to analyze and process data at a faster rate, while cutting down on wasted hours, and refining everything from customer service calls to payroll automation.

The future of artificial intelligence has been met with some trepidation, particularly when it comes to government regulation, but one thing’s for certain – it’s here to stay. Continuous refinements in hardware and software solutions are driven exclusively by billions of dollars of investments, and now is the perfect time for new investors to join in. With so much money being poured into this revolutionary new technology, the future certainly looks bright for this private tech industry.



FinTech, or “financial technology” is a blanket term used to describe various forms of digital money transfer and payment solutions. It’s also driven some of the world’s top brands, from Venmo and Mint, to Uber and Bitcoin. At its core, FinTech is a collection of software, apps and algorithms designed to optimize the moving of currency, whether it’s depositing a check, paying a bill, or transferring money between accounts.

In the world of business, FinTech is relied on for e-commerce transactions, payment processing, and even accounting and payroll duties. It has revolutionized the way humans have handled their money and done business for nearly two decades at this point, and shows no signs of slowing down. As FinTech continues to expand and optimize, the ease at which companies do business also grows.



Humanity entered the 21st century with a fresh and healthy obsession with data, in all of its forms. This trend accelerated as the internet became the primary platform for doing business. Data suddenly became a linchpin in a company’s ability to analyze trends and stats, and make corrections or adjustments where needed. The better and more reliable the data, the greater the ability to streamline and optimize a business for maximum profitability and efficiency.

The biggest hurdle was how long it took to amalgamate and analyze the data, before outputting results. Today’s data management tech seeks to streamline that process tenfold, particularly when it comes to big data amassed by corporations with an extremely large presence and reach. Visualization is another factor that allows companies to better understand the data being analyzed, and output it in an easy-to-understand and straightforward manner. 



Since the beginning of the digital age, security has been a top issue. As technology continues to leap forward, so too does the need for strong cyber security technology that can counter anything from malware and ransomware, to corporate espionage and cyber attacks, which cost businesses billions of dollars every year.

Continued R&D in the cyber security industry continues to expand in ways never before seen, making it one of the most sought-after private tech sectors to focus on for investment. This highly advanced, in-demand technology is used by governments, corporations, and even regular citizens every single day, and for good reason.



The robotics industry has fascinated humans for decades, and the technology continues to move forward at an unprecedented rate. An estimated 3 million industrial robots are currently in use around the globe, and have helped companies increase output at a much faster rate than ever before. This has revolutionized everything from food packaging to microchip and automobile production, to name but a few. At the same time, the global market value of the robotics industry totals $43.8 billion in revenue, and is growing.

However, robotics aren’t just being adopted for industrial use. They’re also being implemented in self-driving cars, in farming and agriculture, the medical industry, the retail and hospitality sector, and so many more. What started out as a production-centric technology industry has since broadened out into multiple markets, and that trend is expected to continue well into the future.



Sakal Ventures has identified each of these five private tech industries as ripe for investment, thanks to the proven track records and successes of each of the companies within. The revolutionary breakthroughs in each of these industries shows no signs of abating, which is good news for those looking to expand and diversify their investment portfolios.

At Sakal, we pride ourselves on having a keen eye when spotting the best late stage investment opportunities and established tech companies who are capable of scaling into the future. We’ll work with you to determine which companies you wish to invest in, while minimizing risk, and maximizing opportunity. That’s the Sakal way, and we look forward to discussing it with you personally. Contact us today for more information.

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